Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Classes and Cubans

The weather is beautiful and I want to play outside, but I have homework to do. I thought I'd compromise and write on my blog instead.

This morning I registered for my last four college classes ever. Weird.... 
  1. Advanced Feature Writing (Required. Said to be very difficult, but I know the professor, and he's wonderful.)
  2. Writing for Online Publication (A "topics in journalism" class was required. This one came highly recommended.)
  3. Anthropology of the Himalayas (I needed an upper-division elective, so I just picked one that looked fun!)
  4. Village Life in India (I needed another elective, and it could be lower-division. Who knew lower-division classes could be so awesome?)
For the first time ever, I don't have labs. When scheduled out, it almost looks laughable. I know it won't necessarily be easy, but it will certainly be interesting, and my week won't be eaten up with labs I don't get credit for. I guess (well, I hope) it will give me plenty of time to prepare for graduation, getting a job, and oh yeah, getting married!

We had another international dinner party at my apartment last Friday, this time with friends from Colombia, Korea, China, Cuba, and Iraq. We got to try an interesting Korean rice drink, and a friend from Cuba spent three hours making the absolutely delicious meat-stuffed potato balls she brought! (Oh yeah, and she used to play for the Cuba national basketball team. She is basically superwoman.) I can't believe that before college, I didn't know the utter awesomeness of getting to know international students!

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