Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buckling in for the final sha-boom

Have I really not updated since November?  Yikes!

The most eventful thing in my life right now is that I got a car a few days ago!!  I thought it would be a miracle if I got one before I got married, but my 2002 silver Accord is now sitting in my parents' driveway. Wilbur (yes, I named him) drives soooo smoothly, and he actually has a CD player too. What a huge blessing! My mom thought I should name him something Japanese (because he's a Japanese car), but I told her it's ok, because I named Stephen's car "Sven the Munchkin" a long time ago, and it's not Scandinavian, it's an American.

* * *

I will return to Austin on Friday, and my final semester of college will launch into action. How weird is that? On one hand, I am looking forward to moving on in life and saying goodbye to all-nighters and droning professors. Three weeks after I graduate, I will marry my best friend, and that day cannot come soon enough! (It's 144 days away, if anyone was wondering...) I'm looking forward to married life and being a grown-up. It will be great not having to scrape by with what little sleep I can pick up here or there.

But on the other hand, I can't even imagine life without school. I have no idea what it's like to actually get paid for slaving away all day (aside from part-time jobs). I have no idea what it's like to look at the clock, see that it's 11 p.m., realize I have no homework and just go to bed when I'm tired. I have no idea what it's like to wake up in the morning and know I won't be seeing all my favorite people by lunchtime. I won't have to slave for days over intense homework assignments, but I also won't have the inexplicable feeling of utter freedom when it's completed.

I will miss meeting new people at Epoch with Suzie at 2 a.m. when we're trying to study. I will miss scrambling around in my apartment with Ashley trying to find more chairs for all the international students who came an hour and a half late to a dinner party. I will miss dropping by the BSM to eat my sandwich and getting caught up talking with Robbi, Marcy and Jamie. I will miss piling into a bus with 20 of my closest friends to go to a retreat. I will miss walking across campus between classes and seeing the Tower, ancient trees, beautiful buildings, interesting people and the bluest sky you could ever imagine. I will even miss sitting in the freezing cold Union at 7 a.m. studying for a test in a few hours (listening to Newton Faulkner and Fleet Foxes, of course).

I love Austin. I love everything about it (except the heat and humidity). It's such a crazy place with such interesting people. It's beautiful, and there's always something to do for everybody. It's so alive! And Arlington... well, Arlington will always have a special place in my heart, because that's where I lived during my freshman year of college. I love Arlington, but it's no Austin.

But wow. I still have a whole semester of adventures left! I know God has me here at UT for a reason - I hope I can use my time wisely while I'm still here before moving on to a whole new, exciting phase of life.

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