Friday, September 11, 2009


Several people, upon hearing that I'm a journalism major, immediately ask if I have a blog.
I always reply something like, "Well, um, not right now, but I really should..."
In an effort to reduce my lameness quotient, I will officially start blogging. For real.

Many of you will remember that I planned to keep a blog while in East Asia this past summer. That was the full intention, until I couldn't access
blogspot at any point during the trip. Here is my meager tribute to two months of amazingness:

I don't want to add the cliché "Well, we'll see how this blog thing goes." I mean, I kind of want to.... but I won't. Because it assumes that I'll never have anything interesting to write about. Let me assure you: as a journalism senior at the University of Texas at Austin who loves international students and adventure, I will never be at a lack for material. We'll just have to see what I have time to share. :-)

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